Playboy is proud to collaborate with visual artist Joe Suzuki on Playboy x Happy Accident Series: Gold Bunny Collection, a limited-edition art collection created to benefit Children of the Night. Since 1979, Children of the Night, a privately funded non-profit organization (of which Playboy Chief Creative Office Cooper Hefner serves as a director), has been dedicated to rescuing children from prostitution and sexual exploitation—more than 10,000 since its founding . The Playboy x Happy Accident Series: Gold Bunny Collection comprises 20 unique pieces, each delivered with a certificate of authenticity signed by Mr. Hefner and Mr. Suzuki. Each piece is priced at $1,000, with 50 percent of all proceeds being donated to Children of the Night, whose program Without Walls Together, provides free online tutoring to victims of trafficking. Together, Playboy and Children of the Night hope to make our streets and the world a safer place for our youth.

Details:  Ceramic Sculpture, Epoxy resin, enamel paint, and metal paint can. Custom label printed by artist
Measures: 11.75 inches tall
Weight: 15.6 oz

Upcoming Events:
- Dec. - Group Show - M Contemporary, Sydney, AU
- Apr. '19 - Two-man Solo - Krause Gallery, NY, US

Available Art Works: